Sicarius, Thief of Hope

Those who have failed this world will perish.


Strength: ●●●
Dexterity: ●●●●
Stamina: ●●●

Presence: ●●●●
Manipulation: ●●
Composure: ●●

Wits: ●●●
Intelligence: ●●
Resolve: ●

Faith: ●●●
Willpower: ●●●●●●

Mortal Skills

Athletics (Dodge) ●●
Brawl ●
Drive ●●
Firearms ●●
Investigation ●●
Melee ●●●
Stealth ●●

Mortal Knowledges

Law ●●●
Medicine ●
Occult ●
Streetwise ●●

Demonic Talents

Alertness ●●●
Enigmas ●
Intimidation ●●●●
Rituals ●●●
Subterfuge ●●

Portals ●●●●
Qlippoth ●●
Humanity ●

Form Traits
Shadow Step: You may treat any two patches of shadow in the area, which are large enough to pass through, as being connected.
Unblinking Eyes: +2 dice to all Alertness rolls.
Everyman: Anyone attempting to describe or produce a likeness of you are unable to remember any distinguishing features.
Cloaked in Shadows: You are undetectable in darkness unless you actively give yourself away.
Shimmering Image: +2 dice to all Dodge rolls.
Cast No Reflection: You cannot be seen in mirrors, photographs, or video cameras

Court Eminence (Wrath) ●●
Rituals ●●●

Vestments of Wrath
Slayer Of Men (●) – Pre+Intim Bashing damage against target in earshot.
Surprise! You’re Dead (●●) – 1 Faith. Applies maximum damage against surprised targets until the end of the scene.

Sight of Truth And Lies (●) – 1 Faith (unless at an official occasion). Recognise any lies spoken until the end of the turn, or you speak a lie.
Fortune’s Swift Blessing (●●) – 2 Faith (unless striking sworn enemy), ● Willpower. Roll Faith+Rituals, 5 auto Successes on next roll for you or an ally. (Exceptional Success grants 10 auto Successes)
Delayed Harm (●●●) – 2 Faith (unless attacked when unarmed or unable to defend). Defensive action, roll Faith+Rituals, subtract that many levels of damage from the attack. Add them to the next attack that hits.


Vengeance (●) – Organised Crime


After far too long, I’ve finally got him. That crazy, murderous bastard is in a holding cell, and I’ve everything I need to have him locked away for so long, he’ll forget his own damn name.

Problem is, his old man’s a big shot in the local Mafia gang. They’re as Italian as I am Martian, but they take it all very seriously. So he calls in a few favours, my Chief’s boss gets frightened and the kid is back out on the streets inside 24 hours without even a written warning.

Turns out that’s long enough for his meds to wear off. He hops on the next bus into the city, buys himself a selection of firearms and comes back to shoot up his old high school. Twenty-odd dead kids and a couple of teachers later, and the SWAT team permanently takes him off my list of things to do.

Somehow, I get the blame. The official line is that he got out after I flubbed the paperwork, had no cause to hold him. The media loses its collective shit and I’m out on my ass with nothing but an apology from my chief.

I make the acquaintance of a variety of TV dinners and a lot of cheap scotch over the next year or so. Figure it’s all done for me, so I might as well let it all slip away. Hopefully I’ll be too wrecked to notice when I’m out of time.

And then Sicarius drops into my life. My head. We’ve got a plan now. He can get us nearly anywhere we want to go. No-one sees us, no-one can stop us. A little blood magic and a little dark power, and another piece of shit who took everything he had from other people gets flushed away.

They say bad things happen to good people. I hope to even the score.

Sicarius, Thief of Hope

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