Fallen Angel of Justice and Order (Aether)


In angel form Belael is a fair but sturdy looking male. Long golden white hair contour his sharp edged face with some of it bundled up in a pony tail. Armoured in steel and equiped with a broad sword he is a true warrior for what he stands for. Misguided at first he now stands tall against injustice and that determination can be seen in his posture.

Total unspent XP: 1

Strength: ●●●●
Dexterity: ●●
Stamina: ●●●●

Presence: ●●●
Manipulation: ●
Composure: ●●●●

Wits: ●●●
Intelligence: ●
Resolve: ●●●

Faith: ●●●

Mortal Skills

Athletics (Dodge) ●●
Brawl ●
Drive ●●
Firearms ●●●
Investigation ●●●
Melee ●
Stealth ●●

Mortal Knowledges

Law ●●
Streetwise ●●
Technology ●

Demonic Talents

Alertness ●●
Empathy ●●
Enigmas ●
Intimidation ●
Leadership ●●●

(Lores are 3 in primary – the primary lore determines your form traits. 2 in secondary and 1 in tertiary.)

Celestials ●●●
Radiance ●●●
Vainglory ●

Form Traits
Energy Ray
Mystical Weapon Broad Sword: Initiative mod -2/ difficulty to hit 7/ damage strength +5/ difficulty to parry 6
Armoured Body
Uncanny Perception
Unconquerable Visage

Influence ●●●●●
Status ●
Contacts ●●
Allies ●
Resources ●●
Equipment ●●
Mentor ●
Thralls ●

Common sense ●
Sexist ●
Deformity ●


The traitor Lucifer had to pay for his sins and I, Belael was the one to deliver that penalty. Who dares stand against the might of The Host. These traitors shall know what it feels like to defy the order that has upheld all the Realms for an eternity and they shall feel it by my hand. Killing my former brothers did wear heavy on my mind but they had cast away with their sanity and deserved their amercement. No longer the Angles with a pure soul, they are not my brothers anymore. Lucifer and his kin are as foul as their demonic thoughts that stirred them to rebel and I will treat them as such. Demon after Demon fell by my blade and for what seemed an eternity this onslaught continued.

Chaos once again turned into order as this eternal struggle ended. Malfeas had been struck down and the corruption he desecrated our former brothers and sisters with seeped away. A moment of clearance, my mind finally at peace. Broken free from hate towards my enemy as the source of it had been slain by the power of Aether’s Heart. This clarity made me realize what I actually have done, what WE have done. By all that is divine, how can we justify this amount of murder, where did it go wrong?

In that moment a great betrayal was eventually not by Lucifer’s hand but by my companions. Their punishment for the wicked traitors was to send them to the vast emptiness of Pandemonium. But instead of just sending those who deserved this fate, they also judged my soul to be impure. Corruption in the form of anger towards our enemies had blinded me they claimed. For my honorable loyalty towards the duty of protecting order, they had sentenced me down the abyss.

In the world of Pandemonium, on the corpse of Malfeas the Realm Eater, I was cast away. Trapped with the demons I fought for so long, I struggled to remain sane. I could feel the corruption of this damned world creep its way in me. Anger, guilt and grief. Anger towards my former masters, for they had betrayed me. Guilt towards my fallen brothers, I killed so many and I don’t even know which side I was supposed to be on. Grief for the world, the world that has been swallowed by a war of wrath. There must be a way to redeem it. There must be a way to restore our existence to an existence where hate and anger are surpassed. When I break free of this tormented realm I will restore the world to its former glory and help my brothers break free from the bonds of the self-proclaimed righteous Host.


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